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How to Break Through
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Writing well is THE key element in creating powerful marketing tools, influencing people to buy your products, and creating your reputation as an expert in your market. However, many business owners who need to write find themselves unable to do so. This course is designed to help you start writing now!

In How to Break Through Writers Block, you will learn:

  • What writers block really is (and the truth will surprise you)
  • The actual causes of writers block (they are not what you think)
  • How to overcome each of these causes (and it's easier than you might think)

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"...was the guiding force..."

Lee helped me publish my first book, Precision Selling: 21 Winning Strategies to Achieve Peak Performance. Not only did he give me terrific advice, he did my editing, proofreading, publishing, and was the guiding force behind the entire process. I've hired him to edit and publish my second book. If you want to publish a book, this is the guy to hire!
                           Patrick McClure,
                           Connexia Group


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